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About us

What can you do when boat rides and lounging in a hot tub make you feel so good that you would like to share the feeling with the entire world?

One option is to find bold, ambitious, joyful, and innovative like-minded people and start building boats and hot tubs with them. This is exactly how Lingalaid's story began.

Over time our garage has grown into a factory, and our team has turned out to be more like a family. The good feeling from which it all began has stayed with us throughout the years, and creating and sharing that feeling has become our mission.

A bit about our history
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Establishing Lingalaid OÜ

Our first boat, Lingalaid 249, was born, turning out to be especially popular on the small lakes in southern Estonia.

2008 1 2a30120b | 2024


Lingalaid's first hot tubs were built.

2009 546040a2 | 2024


We launched development of the now-legendary boat model, the Lingalaid 530.

2010 scaled 05ae6737 | 2024


We expanded our production premises and started exporting our products.

2011 scaled b825d8e8 | 2024


The first Lingalaid 530 was built, and we were accredited by the Estonian Maritime Administration for building and testing recreational craft.

2012 scaled 321daa84 | 2024


We built a bowrider-type speedboat, the Nord Commander.

2013 scaled 33699f10 | 2024


We launched new boat models, the Lingalaid 455 and Lingalaid 402.

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We premiered our new Lingalaid 403 model at the Hanseboot boat fair in Hamburg.

2015 12ea39bc | 2024


We were awarded the Estonian Gazelle Enterprise title, being included in the TOP 100 of the 1,105 fastest-growing companies in Estonia in the overall rankings.

2016 e6659b5c | 2024


We brought into use new lamination and painting machinery which allowed us to improve even further the quality of our production processes.

2017 scaled 07bb9738 | 2024


We launched the process of introducing the ISO quality and environmental standards throughout our company.

2018 scaled 874284e2 | 2024


A new factory was built, and we expanded our production premises across a full two thousand square metres of floor space.

2019 scaled 1f3fe0cc | 2024


We won the Tartu County Promoter award (the 'Tartumaa Edendaja') for contributing to the development of the region and being a socially responsible commercial undertaking.

2020 03f28591 | 2024


As a result of a long development process the first Lingalaid P6 was built, a stylish and luxurious cruiser for coastal waters.

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