Who are we?

Lingalaid is a company founded in 2007 that specialises in the manufacture of composite products and is recognised by the Estonian Maritime Administration as a builder and tester of recreational craft.

Today, the team’s extensive experience, high professional competence, nearly 2,000 square metres of production space and modern technology allow us to provide a full service from modelling to the production of large-scale batches.

In order to ensure the constant quality of the products and compliance with the customer’s expectations, we apply a quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2015.

As an environmentally friendly company, Lingalaid complies with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard, using working methods that prevent pollution and ensure a cleaner living environment for all of us in the future.

A glimpse into the past

Establishment of Lingalaid. Production began with the Lingalaid 249 boat, which at the time proved to be a surprisingly popular boat model on the small lakes of southern Estonia and began the history of Lingalaid as a boat manufacturer.

The development of the field of environmental technology was started and the first products were completed – septic tanks and tanks supplemented boat production and expanded Lingalaid’s product portfolio. In parallel, the Lingalaid’s first hot tubs were produced.

A decision was made to buy out a production building that had hitherto been used as a tenant.

Production was started in a new area, which still today is the production of body parts for vehicles and trailers. At the same time, the first production aimed at foreign markets took place.

The Maritime Administration issued a recognition decision for the construction and testing of recreational craft. In the same year, Lingalaid 530 was completed as a result of extensive development work.

The Lingalaid 530 premieres at the Hanseboot fair in Germany. New boat models saw the light of day: the Lingalaid 455, Lingalaid 380 and Lingalaid 402. The first large-scale outsourcing, which produced 600 boats for the Finnish market in six months.

Subcontracting in boat production continued and the production building underwent a thorough renovation.

The Lingalaid 403 reached the market and its premiere took place in Hamburg at Hanseboot, the largest boat fair in Northern Europe. Due to changed legislation, the accredited building materials testing laboratory issues a CE certificate of conformity for Lingalaid’s septic tanks. It was a ground-breaking year, with volumes growing in all areas.

Based on economic indicators, Lingalaid OÜ was awarded the title of Estonian Gazelle Company in 2015, being among the TOP 100 fastest growing Estonian companies in the ranking of 1105. In addition, Lingalaid was nominated as a candidate for the Environmentally Friendly Company of the Year in the category of environmentally friendly production process.

Significant investments in mechanisation and efficiency of production: within the framework of the LEADER support measure of the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2014-2020, we acquired lamination and dyeing equipment, which enabled us to further improve the quality of production.

A factory office was opened in Tallinn, in the newly built Haven Kakumäe Marina. The company launched the introduction of ISO quality and environmental standards.

A new factory building was completed – we expanded the production area to 2,000 square metres.

Lingalaid was awarded the title of Tartu County Promoter as a contributor to the development of the region and a socially responsible company.

As a result of long-term development work, the first Lingalaid P6 was completed – a stylish and luxurious coastal cruiser.

Lingalaid OÜ

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