Interior architect: the hot tub prolongs the pleasant time in the garden in late autumn!

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“The hot tub is ideal for a home where people like to spend a lot of time in the garden. It is possible to design a home spa in some corner of the garden and enjoy it with family and friends,” says interior architect Kadri Tamme. A hot tub is also a particularly good choice for families with children because the toddlers adore the possibility of playing in the water.

According to Kadri, its neutral and practical design, which fits many different design styles, speaks in favor of the Lingalaid hot tub. “Certainly, the appearance of the tub is one of its strengths. The fiberglass content is also easy to maintain, clean and durable,” she says. While electric patio baths and hot tubs are well suited for densely populated areas (terraced houses, densely located houses in the city) and for those who want to keep the tub water warm at all times (and use it whenever the mood arises), wood-heated hot tubs are preferred for country homes.

By bringing a hot tub to your garden, you can transform it into a small, lovely oasis. So Kadri gives advice on which other interior design elements to choose: “Lighting, seating area, deck chairs, landscaping around the outdoor spa area. Why not a lightweight structure with a pergola or a roof?” She states that when entering the tub, one could also think of an area where the feet are clean so as not to carry debris into the water. “There could also be a possibility to change clothes, an outdoor shower before or after going to the tub. It can be combined with several elements and depends mainly on the needs of lifestyle and habits – an outdoor bar, a lounge or a sports facility, whatever fits the needs,” says the expert.

When buying a hot tub, be sure to think carefully about its location in the garden. “It is necessary to have a flat and stable base on which to place the hot tub. It is worth thinking about the distance of the heater from the buildings. Prevailing wind directions, as a quieter area in the garden, is preferred. If you have a sauna at home, you could have a hot tub near it. The feeling of a home spa is better created in a more private and beautifully designed garden corner,” explains the interior architect.

B7A2955 | 2021While many people think that it is better to purchase a hot tub in the spring rather than in the autumn, the end of summer is actually a particularly good time for such a purchase. Namely, the Lingalaid hot tub prolongs the time spent outdoors, as well as a pleasant summer feeling. “Hot water immersion gives a long time feeling of warmth and a special experience when the air temperature is already cooler,” says the interior architect. The hot tub is especially enjoyable in winter when you can enjoy the warm water with the biting frost.

Kadri herself recently bought the Lingalaid hot tub for her country house. “Our family loves long evening saunas on weekends, and a cooling hot tub next to the sauna in the yard seemed essential. However, this summer, it became clear that on hot days, both children and adults liked to cool off in the hot tub,” she says.

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