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An invigorating barrel sauna: an ideal way to spend one’s retirement in one’s very own home spa! Take a look at the reasons why!


The hot summer days are over for this year and autumn is approaching. Lingalaid can offer highly durable and high-quality barrel hot tubs to make the warmth of the summer last a little longer within our own bodies. Barrel saunas are especially beneficial for older people who may experience more issues, such as with joint pain for example, as a barrel hot tub has numerous features which are beneficial to one’s health.

Soaking in a barrel sauna relaxes one’s muscles, supports the circulation, and warms the body in any of the colder seasons. It is a good alternative to a traditional sauna. The bubble and massage systems also pleasantly massage the muscles.

Using a barrel hot tub has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and circulation, above all. Taking a hot bath increases the respiratory and heart rates and lowers the blood pressure and muscle tone. The temperature differences invigorate the vegetative nervous system, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and increase the body’s resilience. It also helps to remove residues from the body while cleansing the skin, making it smoother. Warm water is relaxing. It energises the body and has a certain analgesic effect. Hot baths can also relieve sleeping and metabolic issues.

Lingalaid’s barrel hot tub is the best way in which to spending one’s retirement as you will be able to create your own personal home spa and a pleasant oasis. You own oasis at home is certainly better than a public one, as there is no need to fear any pandemics in the safety of your home.

‘Grandparents Day’ is also approaching. Why not surprise an elderly loved one with an invigorating barrel sauna? Lingalaid offers electrically-heated barrels hot tubs as well as wood-fired examples, which means that a suitable hot tub can be found for anyone’s needs and requirements.

Tünnisaun-pensionärid2An efficient cure for colds

A body which is accustomed to changes in temperature is more resistant to colds. Therefore it would be a very good idea to have a barrel hot tub on the terrace or in the garden at home. A terrace bath is another potential solution, as it can be sunk directly into the terrace!

According to a study which was conducted in Germany, anyone who had exhibited the symptoms of a cold and who had used a sauna or had taken hot water baths were able to get well significantly faster than others. The body starts to produce leukocytes when it is immersed in a hot barrel tub, with leukocytes helping to combat diseases and kill viruses. Buy a barrel hot tub and bathe yourself healthy! You should keep in mind, however, that it is not a good idea to use the barrel sauna if you have a fever.

Anyone who is experiencing health issues should place eucalyptus aromatherapy liquid on the edge of the barrel sauna, as eucalyptus is efficient in treating respiratory diseases in addition to providing a very nice odour. The barrel sauna experience in fresh air will also provide an enjoyable fresh air bath. What could be better than spending time outside in one of the colder seasons without feeling the cold as you relax in the hot water?

You should approach any water procedures with caution if you are suffering from an acute inflammation, ulcers, or a fever. Anyone who may have a heart problem and also pregnant women should also be careful.

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