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Barrel hot tubs are the life of the party

Think of a dusky August night and outdoor candles. It is late summer and twilight sets in earlier and earlier. Complete this perfect atmosphere with a barrel hot tub with hot and relaxing water. Meet up with your best and closest girlfriends and enjoy a home spa with an Estonian peat mask and our grandmothers’ secrets for healthy hair and skin. Good food, endless memories of the times spent together and the sound of crickets chirping. What could be better?

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However, a barrel hot tub, also known as a barrel sauna, is not only perfect for women and their beauty rituals. Other family members can also enjoy get-togethers in a barrel hot tub. Make sure you do not forget that you have a barrel hot tub in your garden if you are planning to celebrate your child’s birthday. A barrel hot tub makes any birthday much more memorable. A Hawaiian, pirate or mermaid themed party can be elevated with the opportunity to actually jump into the water and play with the foam and bubbles. Families can get creative and bring out rubber ducks or even different costumes in addition to waterproof LED lights, and the little ones can start their voyage.

Men also want to enjoy quality time. A barrel hot tub can be the place for some lovely and healthy relaxation. For a guys’ night, heat up the barrel sauna and make sure there is room for the whole group. A barrel hot tub can also be used to cool down, as the users can adjust the temperature. The 40–42-degree water of the barrel sauna will feel like heaven after a hot Finnish sauna and it will moisturise your skin. A barrel sauna can also be used as a cold dip after a hot sauna or to improve your health.

DSC 5665 | 2024We at Lingalaid believe that a barrel hot tub brings joy to everyone all year round and it soon becomes the life of the party, whether you are spending time with your friends or family. A barrel sauna brings friends and families together and provides a refreshing and relaxing activity for everyone, both young and old. A barrel hot tub is great for spending some quality time and teaching your children the importance of water treatment. There is nothing better and more memorable than playing with rubber ducks and practising swimming if you are doing it with your loved ones and it feels like you have all the time in the world. A barrel sauna provides you with this sense of peace, joy, pleasure and closeness.

The hot tub, traditionally from Japan, has grown ever-more popular among Estonians and has become a real favourite of sauna lovers.

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