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Model Agne Vaher recommends: carry on burning calories in a bathtub on your terrace after a workout

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‘I discovered the terrace bathtubs by Lingalaid on social media. They caught my eye with their simple and beautiful design, and their great features. The price and quality ratio also looked appealing,’ admits top model Agne Vaher.

The terrace bathtub has now become a normal part of Agne’s life. Occasionally she enjoys bathing in her tub for three hours at a time. ‘Relaxing in the bathtub immediately and noticeably alleviates my stress levels. The terrace bath makes me feel good and it improves the quality of my sleep after a long day’s work,’ Agne said in praise of the bathtub. She added: ‘The sense of relaxation is also very good for the muscles after a workout, and there is another advantage in that you can even continue to burn a few calories while you’re in there.’

She would recommend Lingalaid’s terrace baths to anyone, as they are good for your body as well as your soul. ‘It is especially valuable for a family with children, bringing the kids lots of joy. There’s always so much to do in the tub!’ Agne concluded.

A minimalist, yet luxurious terrace bath

Agne is one of the may whose hearts have been won over by Lingalaid’s terrace baths. Terrace baths are finding their way into more and more gardens and terraces.

There are numerous reasons for this. First off is the unique appearance of the terrace bath which turns it into an ideal garden design element. People often pick out the terrace path as the focal point of their garden, surrounding it with shading trees and bushes, but then they also go and build a path to the bathtub and a leisure area around it. The bath is also an ideal design element for the terrace of a terraced house, for example. The bath can be sunk into the terrace, leaving it at the same level as its back garden surroundings rather than being extensively obtrusive. While the terrace bath is very minimalistic on the one hand, it is also extremely luxurious on the other.

Lingalaid’s terrace baths do not require much maintenance. Just use the filtering system and cleaning tablets.

FDSC 0279 | 2024Relieving stress and burning calories

A terrace bath is not simply beautiful, there is also a lot of substance to it. One of its remarkable advantages is the pleasant bubble system, a form of natural therapy with a number of healing and relaxing properties.

The upward movement of the heated air bubbles and the massage feature ensure a working-over for the entire body which will also enrich the circulation with oxygen. A warm bath increases one’s breathing rate and heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and improves muscle tone. The fluctuating temperature also invigorates the autonomous nervous system, reinforcing the cardiovascular system, increasing the body’s resilience, and helping to remove residues from the body. If that wasn’t enough, a hot bath also helps in the case of sleep or metabolic disorders, and functions as an efficient stress reliever.

Many other people also use the terrace bath for burning calories, like Agne. Relaxing in the terrace bath burns a decent number of calories (approximately 280 calories per hour), and has anti-cellulite, slimming, and fat-burning effects. Isn’t it great simply to enjoy your bath and have the water take care of burning your calories?

Terrace baths can be used all year-round, on a nice summer’s eve as well as on a snowy winter morning! It is a pleasant way of cooling down in the summer, while relaxing in hot water can be especially enjoyable when the winter weather is really cold. It is also a special and memorable way of celebrating special events which will bring a lot of joy to children and adults alike!

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