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Special moments: Synne and Sandriin enjoying the pleasures of a barrel hot tub

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There is nothing better than sitting in a barrel hot tub on a mellow summer evening with your best friends, enjoying the company of each other, a relaxing hydromassage and a cold, crisp glass of Prosecco. Did you know that hot tubs are not just good for the soul but also for the body? Relaxing in a barrel hot tub burns a decent amount of calories, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

Singer Synne Valtri is but one of many who have enjoyed the benefits of Lingalaid barrel hot tubs, and, according to her, anyone who thinks that hot tubs are just good for the body is mistaken. “I think relaxing in a barrel hot tub is more of a ritual to connect with your soul,” she considers. “There is nothing better than relaxing in a barrel hot tub with good friends or family – all of our lives have been very stressful lately, thus we should all pamper ourselves.”

Synne especially enjoys spending time with her daughter Sandriin with whom she can talk endlessly while enjoying the pleasures of the hot tub. They have lots to talk about because Synne and Sandriin (who, by the way, wants to become a television director or sound designer) are also best friends.

According to Synne, a barrel hot tub is not just for relaxing on summer evenings, you can also start your day with a refreshing water treatment and enjoy your morning coffee in the hot tub. “Imagine what it would feel like to walk through the dew-covered grass in the morning to get to the hot tub and to start your day there,” she says.

Good for the soul, even better for the body

According to Synne barrel hot tubs are good for the soul, but did you know that Lingalaid barrel hot tubs are also good for your health? The upward movement of heated air bubbles ensures that the whole body is massaged, and, at the same time, it also enriches the circulatory system with oxygen – this is not only relaxing but also good for your body. Relaxing in a barrel hot tub also burns a fair amount of calories (approx. 280 cal/h) and therefore it has an anti-cellulite, slimming and fat-reducing effect.

This kind of home spa also benefits the nervous system and circulation as your breathing and heart rate increase and your blood pressure and muscle tone decrease in the warm bath. Temperature fluctuations stimulate the autonomic nervous system and strengthen the blood vessels and the body’s resilience. It also helps to remove waste from the body and cleanses the skin, making it smoother. A hot tub is also helpful if you have sleep and metabolic disorders and it effectively helps reduce stress.

A small home spa is also a design element, and, when speaking about Lingalaid barrel hot tubs, Synne first pointed out that she was impressed by their luxurious and inviting appearance, which is why she believes that barrel hot tubs are the crown jewels of every garden or terrace.

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Smaller barrel hot tubs with electric heating are the best option for a terrace or a smaller terraced house garden as they keep the water at the exact temperature and ready for use at all times. Barrel hot tubs with electric heating are also especially suitable for houses in densely populated areas or, of course, for use indoors (e.g. in the winter). In addition to barrel hot tubs, Lingalaid also offers terrace baths which will complement every house thanks to their striking design and luxurious appearance.

Lingalaid barrel hot tubs are more than just a bath – they are a home spa, a striking design element and a place that brings friends together.

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