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A barrel sauna will complete your garden design

Spring is here and the warmer weather encourages people to spend more time in the garden. Every spring is like a blank sheet of paper for gardeners, providing them with opportunities to create a memorable and pleasing space.

At times, designing a garden may seem difficult, because creating a complete look in the garden is not easy. How can you create the most beautiful and brightest garden that would also be unique and a pleasant place to recharge?

Keep in mind that your garden should match your house and be a dignified extension of it – no matter how fancy your interior is, the exterior of your house and garden will create the first impression.

We often think of the garden as just the area around the house where there is nothing to do on a cloudy day. However, your garden is more than just the plants, trees and lawn, which is why it is important to add elements that are necessary and also bring you joy.

Barrel hot tub – the perfect garden design elementDSC 0009 | 2024

An exciting garden design element could be a barrel hot tub, outdoor pool or terrace bath that would create a focal point in your garden design.

Designing a garden starts with determining focal points that will be the centre of attention. How about making a barrel sauna one of the focal points?

Highlighting a pool or barrel sauna would give you many new opportunities in designing your garden. An outdoor pool or barrel hot tub can create an oasis in your home that is surrounded by trees and shrubs with walkways and a recreational area in the middle. In addition, you can use your garden in the winter with the Lingalaid hot tubs and barrel saunas.

The Lingalaid heated barrel saunas bring life to the cold and dark Estonian winters. You only need one element to make the most of your garden in the winter.

If you are used to a more traditional garden, adding a large artificial body of water to your garden may seem quite daunting and requires you to completely redesign your garden. Actually, it is not that bad.

Lingalaid offers complete solutions that precisely match the customer’s needs and wants. The customer is free to choose everything from the heater, the colour of the tub’s interior and finishing to light and massage solutions. In other words, it is a tailor-made solution that is completed together with the customer.

DJI 0651 | 2024The design of Lingalaid’s products also allows you to transport barrel hot tubs, pools or barrel saunas, if necessary, so that you could redesign your garden or bring your spa with you if you move.

The Lingalaid barrel hot tubs and terrace baths give us the opportunity to be different and brave and to take advantage of all that our garden has to offer. Your garden will receive attention on dusky summer nights, as well as on snowy winter days, bringing together friends and family so that you could enjoy relaxation and healing treatments at home, celebrate important events and find joy in each other’s company. It also gives you a new chance to see that your home and garden are the best places to enjoy yourself. 

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