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Grete Paia, the sexiest woman in Estonia: ‘I love enjoying a barrel hot tub. Water procedures are good for the skin’.

AD9A9149 | 2024

‘My parents have been saying all my life that it’s as if I was made to live in water. Ever since I was a tiny child. Whenever we went to the beach, I was the first one in the water and the last to come out. Water has always been very therapeutic for me,’ admits the singer, Grete Paia.

It is no wonder then that Grete also enjoys a good barrel hot tub. ‘As I am spending more and more time in my childhood home in Saaremaa, I’ve been thinking that there should be a hot tub there. I have been saying this to the family for several summers, but they haven’t listened. Now, however, I have threatened that I’ll start keeping Silkies instead. Compared to that, a barrel hot tub seemed totally harmless. Otherwise I would show up with my chicken,’ explains Grete with a smile.

The first of the family members to show the signs of warming to the idea was Grete’s grandmother, who herself this spring brought up the issue of buying a hot tub. ‘I believe that Covid has certainly increased the popularity of hot tubs as it has not always been possible to visit a spa. We can spot them in so many gardens now,’ comments the singer.

And so there is now a stylish Lingalaid barrel hot tub in the garden in Grete’s home in Saaremaa. ‘The Lingalaid design is beautiful, and I am already under the impression that their high quality hot tubs simply cannot be bettered. Their approach is also very personal. I was able to choose the interior and other accessories,’ Grete points out, full of praise.

Grete selected the best and most luxurious Lingalaid model, the Lux. ‘If you decide to get a hot tub, make the best decision you can. Don’t get just any tub, as you will want to replace it before long with a new and better version. The Lux has more accessories than any other model, and also boasts an ergonomic inner lining which is moulded to the shape of the body. I also liked the fact that the heater is not a separate part of the barrel but is integrated into it. The Lux is also especially beautiful. Any barrel hot tub should be easy on the eye!’ Grete chuckles. By the way, the integrated heater has a beautiful glass door, with a fireplace effect being created when it’s dark.

gretepaia | 2024

The Lux barrel hot tub fits seven or eight people, so it can be enjoyed by a larger crowd. ‘I’m not actually sure yet who will be using this barrel hot tub most. Probably me and my friends, but I hope that my mother, father, and grandparents will also get used to it,’ says Grete and adds: ‘As my work calls for a lot of communication and spending time with other people, I actually charge my batteries when I am completely alone. I believe that a barrel hot tub is a lovely place in which to enjoy being in your own company.’

n general, Grete has always been an avid spa-goer, but in recent years she has been too busy to be able to spend much time in spas. Now, thanks to this barrel hot tub, she can enjoy a spa at home in her own garden! ‘I believe that a home spa is actually the best option,’ she finds.

Grete was recently declared the sexiest woman in Estonia. The singer thinks that taking care of herself and relaxing have a lot to do with a good appearance. ‘The pace of my life is, of course, pretty chaotic now. There are times at which I only get about four hours of sleep a night… That’s fine now, when I’m 26 years old, but the good times will probably not last long – I will have to start thinking more about my beauty sleep,’ laughs Grete, adding more seriously: ‘But of course it’s important to rest, relax, and take care of yourself. In order to be sexy and confident, you must feel good, well-rested, and comfortable.’

To that end, Grete advises anyone to take moments for themselves in the name of feeling and looking good. ‘If only for one night and for just an hour, all of this will make you feel better. Water procedures are good for the skin anyway.’

Even though a barrel hot tub is ideal all year-round, Grete is primarily looking forward to relaxing in the tub in winter. ‘It’s minus fifteen degrees outside, we are wearing fur hats, we can warm up in the tub, and then jump into the snow. It feels great! A barrel hot tub is a much more extreme experience in winter,’ she says.

If you want to be as beautiful, confident, and well-rested as Grete, get acquainted with Lingalaid’s selection of barrel hot tubs.

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