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Enjoy ancient bath delights! Japanese-style Furo top-class terrace baths heal both body and mind

A healthy mind in a healthy body! It was this well-known phrase that inspired the Lingalaid craftsmen to create something truly good and luxurious, following the example of the Japanese. In order to bring warm and pleasant pleasure to people’s homes, the Japanese created the square, compact and heated FURO bathtub. Lingalaid’s high-end terrace baths are also named FURO in its honor. A relaxing hot bath is available to everyone!

DJI 0074 | 2023The terrace bath FURO is a genuine home spa with an ancient Japanese design and luxurious appearance that makes an impact on the terrace, in the backyard, or in the front room of the sauna. It’s like a priceless jewel that you can’t take your eyes off!

The company’s desire has always been to offer a good and luxurious feeling to as many people as possible at the same time. FURO, in its nature, is economical, pleasant, healthy, and can be enjoyed by several people at a time. This terrace bath is just big enough to accommodate the entire family and also to share with your close friends.

In the case of Lingalaiu terrace baths, the inner part uses uncompromisingly the highest quality fiberglass with a special surface coating. Professional and powerful furnaces are entrusted to the real craftsmen so that it is really a hot bath as the product name suggests.

FURO is the most economical everyday way to travel to Japan with family and friends to enjoy ancient baths. FURO is not just a terrace bath but an ancient ritual that heals the body and mind, bringing people together in the most luxurious way to enjoy it all together. A terrace bath offers a good feeling all year round — both in warm summer and in harsh winter.

Enjoying the terrace bath lowers the stress level, has a good effect on the heart, and relieves back pain. For top model Agne Vaher, a terrace bath is a regular part of her life – sometimes, she enjoys the pleasures of the water for up to three hours at a time. “After long working days, a terrace bath makes you feel good and sleep better!” praises Agne and adds: “Also, relaxation after exercise is very good for the muscles, and it is also a plus that the expenditure of calories continues in a small way.”

Grete Paia, the sexiest woman in Estonia: ‘I love enjoying a barrel hot tub. Water procedures are good for the skin’.

AD9A9149 | 2023

‘My parents have been saying all my life that it’s as if I was made to live in water. Ever since I was a tiny child. Whenever we went to the beach, I was the first one in the water and the last to come out. Water has always been very therapeutic for me,’ admits the singer, Grete Paia.

It is no wonder then that Grete also enjoys a good barrel hot tub. ‘As I am spending more and more time in my childhood home in Saaremaa, I’ve been thinking that there should be a hot tub there. I have been saying this to the family for several summers, but they haven’t listened. Now, however, I have threatened that I’ll start keeping Silkies instead. Compared to that, a barrel hot tub seemed totally harmless. Otherwise I would show up with my chicken,’ explains Grete with a smile.

The first of the family members to show the signs of warming to the idea was Grete’s grandmother, who herself this spring brought up the issue of buying a hot tub. ‘I believe that Covid has certainly increased the popularity of hot tubs as it has not always been possible to visit a spa. We can spot them in so many gardens now,’ comments the singer.

And so there is now a stylish Lingalaid barrel hot tub in the garden in Grete’s home in Saaremaa. ‘The Lingalaid design is beautiful, and I am already under the impression that their high quality hot tubs simply cannot be bettered. Their approach is also very personal. I was able to choose the interior and other accessories,’ Grete points out, full of praise.

Grete selected the best and most luxurious Lingalaid model, the Lux. ‘If you decide to get a hot tub, make the best decision you can. Don’t get just any tub, as you will want to replace it before long with a new and better version. The Lux has more accessories than any other model, and also boasts an ergonomic inner lining which is moulded to the shape of the body. I also liked the fact that the heater is not a separate part of the barrel but is integrated into it. The Lux is also especially beautiful. Any barrel hot tub should be easy on the eye!’ Grete chuckles. By the way, the integrated heater has a beautiful glass door, with a fireplace effect being created when it’s dark.

gretepaia | 2023

The Lux barrel hot tub fits seven or eight people, so it can be enjoyed by a larger crowd. ‘I’m not actually sure yet who will be using this barrel hot tub most. Probably me and my friends, but I hope that my mother, father, and grandparents will also get used to it,’ says Grete and adds: ‘As my work calls for a lot of communication and spending time with other people, I actually charge my batteries when I am completely alone. I believe that a barrel hot tub is a lovely place in which to enjoy being in your own company.’

n general, Grete has always been an avid spa-goer, but in recent years she has been too busy to be able to spend much time in spas. Now, thanks to this barrel hot tub, she can enjoy a spa at home in her own garden! ‘I believe that a home spa is actually the best option,’ she finds.

Grete was recently declared the sexiest woman in Estonia. The singer thinks that taking care of herself and relaxing have a lot to do with a good appearance. ‘The pace of my life is, of course, pretty chaotic now. There are times at which I only get about four hours of sleep a night… That’s fine now, when I’m 26 years old, but the good times will probably not last long – I will have to start thinking more about my beauty sleep,’ laughs Grete, adding more seriously: ‘But of course it’s important to rest, relax, and take care of yourself. In order to be sexy and confident, you must feel good, well-rested, and comfortable.’

To that end, Grete advises anyone to take moments for themselves in the name of feeling and looking good. ‘If only for one night and for just an hour, all of this will make you feel better. Water procedures are good for the skin anyway.’

Even though a barrel hot tub is ideal all year-round, Grete is primarily looking forward to relaxing in the tub in winter. ‘It’s minus fifteen degrees outside, we are wearing fur hats, we can warm up in the tub, and then jump into the snow. It feels great! A barrel hot tub is a much more extreme experience in winter,’ she says.

If you want to be as beautiful, confident, and well-rested as Grete, get acquainted with Lingalaid’s selection of barrel hot tubs.

Interior architects: want an elegant hot tub with long life? Pay attention to these nuances!

179A0407 rotated e1647887822950 | 2023More and more hot tubs can be seen in the courtyards of private houses and terraced houses. If, on the one hand, people are attracted to the opportunity to enjoy a mini-spa right in their backyard, but on the other hand, it is also a special element that decorates the garden. But how do you choose the hot tub that fits your yard perfectly? Interior architects Heinike Luht and Kristiina Puusepp give advice.

The hot tub brings a lot of bright experiences to everyday life all year round and pampers both your body and mind. It helps to relax, feel better emotionally and physically, and brings better sleep, which in turn leads to a whole new level of productivity in your daily routine.

As the hot tub is a very striking element in the home yard, it is important for enchanting harmony and elegance to be present in the yard. The first question, of course, when choosing a hot tub is how big it could be. “Here you should start with how much space there is in the yard and in how big of a company you want to enjoy the hot tub. Of course, it is sometimes nice to relax alone in a large tub,” comments interior designer Heinike. However, the hot tub could be big enough to enable spending a nice evening with friends or family.

What kind of heating should the hot tub have?

The second and not insignificant detail is to choose a heating method that suits your lifestyle. “If you plan to start using the hot tub only on weekends, the easiest solution is a wood-burning stove. However, if you want to enjoy the pleasures of water more often than once a week, all year round, then the best choice is electric heating,” Heinike points out. In this case, it is definitely wise to include a filter system in the equipment, which helps to keep the water clean and usable at all times.

IMG 5548 | 2023In order for heating the water and keeping it warm to be as energy-saving as possible, you should choose a hot tub, the inside of which is covered with special insulation foam. “Thermal coating is also an indispensable helper to minimize the time and energy required to heat water. In addition to ensuring energy efficiency, it helps keep out of tub everything that doesn’t belong there, such as leaves, pollen, rain, and snow. The cover is also important in ensuring safety, especially if there are small children in the family,” adds Heinike.

Of course, safety is not insignificant in other respects either. With a stove-heated hot tub, safety is ensured by the chimney heat shield and the spark arrester, and as far as all electrical equipment is concerned, you should definitely ensure that this is a truly high-quality technique.

Underwater lighting solutions create a pleasant atmosphere

Once the size and heating method have been chosen, in order for the hot tub to become a real home spa, the next step is to focus on functionality. “Good massage systems, for example, can help you get rid of muscle tension and various pains very easily. Air massage, in other words, the bubble system, also stimulates the nervous system strengthens the blood vessels and the body’s overall resistance. Underwater lighting solutions, in turn, contribute to creating exactly the right atmosphere and mood,” says Kristiina.

There are hot tubs in the market in a very different price range, but Kristiina emphasizes that one should not only look at the cost and fast delivery time alone. If you choose the right hot tub, it can serve you for 20 years! This is what Lingalaid hot tubs that have recently gained a lot of popularity are like.

When it comes to quality, in addition to technology, you should pay attention to the main parts of the hot tub, such as wood used for exterior cladding and interior finishing materials. Not all fiberglass coating materials are designed to withstand large changes in temperature or, for example, water disinfection agents. The lifespan of wooden parts is also determined by the way they are treated. Knowing this, you should investigate whether and how the manufacturer has thought about ensuring the longevity of the hot tub,” adds Kristiina. In the case of Lingalaid hot tubs, for example, only environmentally friendly and especially long-lasting heat-treated wood has been used for the lining and fiberglass with the highest quality and special coating on the inside.

If you are also looking for a high-quality, elegant, and long-lasting terrace bath or hot tub with the approval of interior architects, check out the Lingalaid product range here

An invigorating barrel sauna: an ideal way to spend one’s retirement in one’s very own home spa! Take a look at the reasons why!


The hot summer days are over for this year and autumn is approaching. Lingalaid can offer highly durable and high-quality barrel hot tubs to make the warmth of the summer last a little longer within our own bodies. Barrel saunas are especially beneficial for older people who may experience more issues, such as with joint pain for example, as a barrel hot tub has numerous features which are beneficial to one’s health.

Soaking in a barrel sauna relaxes one’s muscles, supports the circulation, and warms the body in any of the colder seasons. It is a good alternative to a traditional sauna. The bubble and massage systems also pleasantly massage the muscles.

Using a barrel hot tub has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and circulation, above all. Taking a hot bath increases the respiratory and heart rates and lowers the blood pressure and muscle tone. The temperature differences invigorate the vegetative nervous system, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and increase the body’s resilience. It also helps to remove residues from the body while cleansing the skin, making it smoother. Warm water is relaxing. It energises the body and has a certain analgesic effect. Hot baths can also relieve sleeping and metabolic issues.

Lingalaid’s barrel hot tub is the best way in which to spending one’s retirement as you will be able to create your own personal home spa and a pleasant oasis. You own oasis at home is certainly better than a public one, as there is no need to fear any pandemics in the safety of your home.

‘Grandparents Day’ is also approaching. Why not surprise an elderly loved one with an invigorating barrel sauna? Lingalaid offers electrically-heated barrels hot tubs as well as wood-fired examples, which means that a suitable hot tub can be found for anyone’s needs and requirements.

Tünnisaun-pensionärid2An efficient cure for colds

A body which is accustomed to changes in temperature is more resistant to colds. Therefore it would be a very good idea to have a barrel hot tub on the terrace or in the garden at home. A terrace bath is another potential solution, as it can be sunk directly into the terrace!

According to a study which was conducted in Germany, anyone who had exhibited the symptoms of a cold and who had used a sauna or had taken hot water baths were able to get well significantly faster than others. The body starts to produce leukocytes when it is immersed in a hot barrel tub, with leukocytes helping to combat diseases and kill viruses. Buy a barrel hot tub and bathe yourself healthy! You should keep in mind, however, that it is not a good idea to use the barrel sauna if you have a fever.

Anyone who is experiencing health issues should place eucalyptus aromatherapy liquid on the edge of the barrel sauna, as eucalyptus is efficient in treating respiratory diseases in addition to providing a very nice odour. The barrel sauna experience in fresh air will also provide an enjoyable fresh air bath. What could be better than spending time outside in one of the colder seasons without feeling the cold as you relax in the hot water?

You should approach any water procedures with caution if you are suffering from an acute inflammation, ulcers, or a fever. Anyone who may have a heart problem and also pregnant women should also be careful.

Interior architect: the hot tub prolongs the pleasant time in the garden in late autumn!

IMG 0223 | 2023

“The hot tub is ideal for a home where people like to spend a lot of time in the garden. It is possible to design a home spa in some corner of the garden and enjoy it with family and friends,” says interior architect Kadri Tamme. A hot tub is also a particularly good choice for families with children because the toddlers adore the possibility of playing in the water.

According to Kadri, its neutral and practical design, which fits many different design styles, speaks in favor of the Lingalaid hot tub. “Certainly, the appearance of the tub is one of its strengths. The fiberglass content is also easy to maintain, clean and durable,” she says. While electric patio baths and hot tubs are well suited for densely populated areas (terraced houses, densely located houses in the city) and for those who want to keep the tub water warm at all times (and use it whenever the mood arises), wood-heated hot tubs are preferred for country homes.

By bringing a hot tub to your garden, you can transform it into a small, lovely oasis. So Kadri gives advice on which other interior design elements to choose: “Lighting, seating area, deck chairs, landscaping around the outdoor spa area. Why not a lightweight structure with a pergola or a roof?” She states that when entering the tub, one could also think of an area where the feet are clean so as not to carry debris into the water. “There could also be a possibility to change clothes, an outdoor shower before or after going to the tub. It can be combined with several elements and depends mainly on the needs of lifestyle and habits – an outdoor bar, a lounge or a sports facility, whatever fits the needs,” says the expert.

When buying a hot tub, be sure to think carefully about its location in the garden. “It is necessary to have a flat and stable base on which to place the hot tub. It is worth thinking about the distance of the heater from the buildings. Prevailing wind directions, as a quieter area in the garden, is preferred. If you have a sauna at home, you could have a hot tub near it. The feeling of a home spa is better created in a more private and beautifully designed garden corner,” explains the interior architect.

B7A2955 | 2023While many people think that it is better to purchase a hot tub in the spring rather than in the autumn, the end of summer is actually a particularly good time for such a purchase. Namely, the Lingalaid hot tub prolongs the time spent outdoors, as well as a pleasant summer feeling. “Hot water immersion gives a long time feeling of warmth and a special experience when the air temperature is already cooler,” says the interior architect. The hot tub is especially enjoyable in winter when you can enjoy the warm water with the biting frost.

Kadri herself recently bought the Lingalaid hot tub for her country house. “Our family loves long evening saunas on weekends, and a cooling hot tub next to the sauna in the yard seemed essential. However, this summer, it became clear that on hot days, both children and adults liked to cool off in the hot tub,” she says.

Check out the selection of Lingalaid hot tubs HERE!

Model Agne Vaher recommends: carry on burning calories in a bathtub on your terrace after a workout

DSC 0029 | 2023

‘I discovered the terrace bathtubs by Lingalaid on social media. They caught my eye with their simple and beautiful design, and their great features. The price and quality ratio also looked appealing,’ admits top model Agne Vaher.

The terrace bathtub has now become a normal part of Agne’s life. Occasionally she enjoys bathing in her tub for three hours at a time. ‘Relaxing in the bathtub immediately and noticeably alleviates my stress levels. The terrace bath makes me feel good and it improves the quality of my sleep after a long day’s work,’ Agne said in praise of the bathtub. She added: ‘The sense of relaxation is also very good for the muscles after a workout, and there is another advantage in that you can even continue to burn a few calories while you’re in there.’

She would recommend Lingalaid’s terrace baths to anyone, as they are good for your body as well as your soul. ‘It is especially valuable for a family with children, bringing the kids lots of joy. There’s always so much to do in the tub!’ Agne concluded.

A minimalist, yet luxurious terrace bath

Agne is one of the may whose hearts have been won over by Lingalaid’s terrace baths. Terrace baths are finding their way into more and more gardens and terraces.

There are numerous reasons for this. First off is the unique appearance of the terrace bath which turns it into an ideal garden design element. People often pick out the terrace path as the focal point of their garden, surrounding it with shading trees and bushes, but then they also go and build a path to the bathtub and a leisure area around it. The bath is also an ideal design element for the terrace of a terraced house, for example. The bath can be sunk into the terrace, leaving it at the same level as its back garden surroundings rather than being extensively obtrusive. While the terrace bath is very minimalistic on the one hand, it is also extremely luxurious on the other.

Lingalaid’s terrace baths do not require much maintenance. Just use the filtering system and cleaning tablets.

FDSC 0279 | 2023Relieving stress and burning calories

A terrace bath is not simply beautiful, there is also a lot of substance to it. One of its remarkable advantages is the pleasant bubble system, a form of natural therapy with a number of healing and relaxing properties.

The upward movement of the heated air bubbles and the massage feature ensure a working-over for the entire body which will also enrich the circulation with oxygen. A warm bath increases one’s breathing rate and heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and improves muscle tone. The fluctuating temperature also invigorates the autonomous nervous system, reinforcing the cardiovascular system, increasing the body’s resilience, and helping to remove residues from the body. If that wasn’t enough, a hot bath also helps in the case of sleep or metabolic disorders, and functions as an efficient stress reliever.

Many other people also use the terrace bath for burning calories, like Agne. Relaxing in the terrace bath burns a decent number of calories (approximately 280 calories per hour), and has anti-cellulite, slimming, and fat-burning effects. Isn’t it great simply to enjoy your bath and have the water take care of burning your calories?

Terrace baths can be used all year-round, on a nice summer’s eve as well as on a snowy winter morning! It is a pleasant way of cooling down in the summer, while relaxing in hot water can be especially enjoyable when the winter weather is really cold. It is also a special and memorable way of celebrating special events which will bring a lot of joy to children and adults alike!

Special moments: Synne and Sandriin enjoying the pleasures of a barrel hot tub

DSC 0919 | 2023

There is nothing better than sitting in a barrel hot tub on a mellow summer evening with your best friends, enjoying the company of each other, a relaxing hydromassage and a cold, crisp glass of Prosecco. Did you know that hot tubs are not just good for the soul but also for the body? Relaxing in a barrel hot tub burns a decent amount of calories, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

Singer Synne Valtri is but one of many who have enjoyed the benefits of Lingalaid barrel hot tubs, and, according to her, anyone who thinks that hot tubs are just good for the body is mistaken. “I think relaxing in a barrel hot tub is more of a ritual to connect with your soul,” she considers. “There is nothing better than relaxing in a barrel hot tub with good friends or family – all of our lives have been very stressful lately, thus we should all pamper ourselves.”

Synne especially enjoys spending time with her daughter Sandriin with whom she can talk endlessly while enjoying the pleasures of the hot tub. They have lots to talk about because Synne and Sandriin (who, by the way, wants to become a television director or sound designer) are also best friends.

According to Synne, a barrel hot tub is not just for relaxing on summer evenings, you can also start your day with a refreshing water treatment and enjoy your morning coffee in the hot tub. “Imagine what it would feel like to walk through the dew-covered grass in the morning to get to the hot tub and to start your day there,” she says.

Good for the soul, even better for the body

According to Synne barrel hot tubs are good for the soul, but did you know that Lingalaid barrel hot tubs are also good for your health? The upward movement of heated air bubbles ensures that the whole body is massaged, and, at the same time, it also enriches the circulatory system with oxygen – this is not only relaxing but also good for your body. Relaxing in a barrel hot tub also burns a fair amount of calories (approx. 280 cal/h) and therefore it has an anti-cellulite, slimming and fat-reducing effect.

This kind of home spa also benefits the nervous system and circulation as your breathing and heart rate increase and your blood pressure and muscle tone decrease in the warm bath. Temperature fluctuations stimulate the autonomic nervous system and strengthen the blood vessels and the body’s resilience. It also helps to remove waste from the body and cleanses the skin, making it smoother. A hot tub is also helpful if you have sleep and metabolic disorders and it effectively helps reduce stress.

A small home spa is also a design element, and, when speaking about Lingalaid barrel hot tubs, Synne first pointed out that she was impressed by their luxurious and inviting appearance, which is why she believes that barrel hot tubs are the crown jewels of every garden or terrace.

DSC 0798 | 2023

Smaller barrel hot tubs with electric heating are the best option for a terrace or a smaller terraced house garden as they keep the water at the exact temperature and ready for use at all times. Barrel hot tubs with electric heating are also especially suitable for houses in densely populated areas or, of course, for use indoors (e.g. in the winter). In addition to barrel hot tubs, Lingalaid also offers terrace baths which will complement every house thanks to their striking design and luxurious appearance.

Lingalaid barrel hot tubs are more than just a bath – they are a home spa, a striking design element and a place that brings friends together.

A barrel sauna will complete your garden design

Spring is here and the warmer weather encourages people to spend more time in the garden. Every spring is like a blank sheet of paper for gardeners, providing them with opportunities to create a memorable and pleasing space.

At times, designing a garden may seem difficult, because creating a complete look in the garden is not easy. How can you create the most beautiful and brightest garden that would also be unique and a pleasant place to recharge?

Keep in mind that your garden should match your house and be a dignified extension of it – no matter how fancy your interior is, the exterior of your house and garden will create the first impression.

We often think of the garden as just the area around the house where there is nothing to do on a cloudy day. However, your garden is more than just the plants, trees and lawn, which is why it is important to add elements that are necessary and also bring you joy.

Barrel hot tub – the perfect garden design elementDSC 0009 | 2023

An exciting garden design element could be a barrel hot tub, outdoor pool or terrace bath that would create a focal point in your garden design.

Designing a garden starts with determining focal points that will be the centre of attention. How about making a barrel sauna one of the focal points?

Highlighting a pool or barrel sauna would give you many new opportunities in designing your garden. An outdoor pool or barrel hot tub can create an oasis in your home that is surrounded by trees and shrubs with walkways and a recreational area in the middle. In addition, you can use your garden in the winter with the Lingalaid hot tubs and barrel saunas.

The Lingalaid heated barrel saunas bring life to the cold and dark Estonian winters. You only need one element to make the most of your garden in the winter.

If you are used to a more traditional garden, adding a large artificial body of water to your garden may seem quite daunting and requires you to completely redesign your garden. Actually, it is not that bad.

Lingalaid offers complete solutions that precisely match the customer’s needs and wants. The customer is free to choose everything from the heater, the colour of the tub’s interior and finishing to light and massage solutions. In other words, it is a tailor-made solution that is completed together with the customer.

DJI 0651 | 2023The design of Lingalaid’s products also allows you to transport barrel hot tubs, pools or barrel saunas, if necessary, so that you could redesign your garden or bring your spa with you if you move.

The Lingalaid barrel hot tubs and terrace baths give us the opportunity to be different and brave and to take advantage of all that our garden has to offer. Your garden will receive attention on dusky summer nights, as well as on snowy winter days, bringing together friends and family so that you could enjoy relaxation and healing treatments at home, celebrate important events and find joy in each other’s company. It also gives you a new chance to see that your home and garden are the best places to enjoy yourself. 

Hot tub – an ancient healer

DJI 0712 | 2023The first reports of the Japanese bath or furo date back to the 13th century, when the Japanese were inspired by hot springs and the ancient tradition of relaxing in them. Now, barrel hot tubs are taking over the whole world.

A furo is based on hot water instead of hot air, making it special. It is safer for people with joint and muscle problems. The Japanese bath is also a great alternative to natural hot springs, which unfortunately cannot be enjoyed by everyone.

However, since the beginning of time, it has been a tradition in Japan to relax in hot springs and improve one’s health. A business model emerged in Japan from this tradition centuries ago – holiday homes were built around hot springs, where people could enjoy hot water and receive the health benefits.

The more exclusive holiday homes were even built above the springs to offer greater comfort and privacy to the more affluent. This tradition is still honoured among the Japanese and many families vacation near hot springs. It is also almost impossible to travel to Japan without enjoying the pleasures of hot springs.

Furo – the life of the party

However, people love convenience and also want to relax at home. The Japanese were not troubled by the distance from hot springs and invented the furo – a heated bath.

The Japanese bath is the life of the party that provides refreshment to both the mind and the body. Traditionally, the water in a Japanese bath is 40–42 degrees and you can relax in the hot water for up to 20 minutes. The heat from the water lingers in your body for a while and you feel pleasantly tired.

In addition to relaxation, taking a Japanese bath has a good effect on your body’s blood supply, it speeds up the metabolism and removes toxins, making your skin more beautiful. While in a traditional Finnish sauna, toxins are removed from the body by – sometimes breathtaking – steam, the Japanese bath achieves this with relaxing hot water which is much safer for the joints and muscles.

By the way, it is possible that the longevity of the Japanese people lies in the culture of hot springs, as, according to current forecasts, half of the Japanese citizens born in 2007 will live to be 107 years old.

Barrel saunas – handmade and tailor-made solutionsDSC 9834 | 2023

Lingalaid barrel hot tubs are Japanese baths hand-made in Estonia and you can choose their size, heater and style. We offer barrel hot tubs for a couple of people, as well as for larger groups – the choice is yours!

Based on the model, Lingalaid barrel hot tubs hold 1,100–2,000 litres of water which is heated either by wood or electricity.

You can enjoy your barrel sauna year round – on summer nights and crisp winter days. A barrel hot tub relaxes your muscles, promotes blood circulation and relieves stress, and if you add pleasant company, it is harder to find a nicer way to spend your leisure time than in a barrel sauna.

Barrel saunas are not intended for washing – they are for healing, relaxing and enjoying good company. It is customary to properly wash yourself before relaxing in a Japanese bath. This shows respect towards both yourself and others enjoying the bath and allows you to add various salts and minerals to the water to further invigorate the body and mind.


Sauna or barrel hot tub – perhaps friends, not rivals?

kymblustynnid taust | 2023Barrel saunas have won the hearts of many Estonians and they have made their way into our sauna culture. The ease and convenience of using a barrel hot tub have made it a good alternative to a hot Finnish sauna.

In fact, they are not mutually exclusive, and a traditional sauna and barrel hot tub can complement each other very well and offer even more pleasure and healing properties. A barrel sauna is based on hot water instead of hot air, making it special. It is safer for people with joint and muscle problems.

A barrel sauna can also be used to cool down, as the users can adjust the temperature. The 40–42-degree water of a barrel hot tub feels refreshing after a hot sauna session and quickly moisturises skin that has been exposed to hot air.

As not everyone can sit on a hot sauna stage and enjoy the steam due to their health issues, a barrel hot tub is a great alternative, because it has fewer health risks than a traditional sauna.

What could be better than a barrel hot tub installed in the sauna room? Thanks to the design, heaters and construction of the Lingalaid barrel hot tubs, the barrel saunas can also be safely installed indoors. People do not have to be separated from each other and can spend time privately inside.

In addition, it allows the possibility to combine two ancient traditions – the Japanese bath and the Finnish sauna – into one relaxing experience without leaving the sauna. In fact, a barrel hot tub can also replace a pond or another natural body of water if want some refreshment after sitting in the sauna. The temperature of the barrel hot tub can be adjusted according to your comfort level.

179A1224 | 2023Naturally, a barrel hot tub cannot offer the body the same temperature and burst of hot air as a traditional Finnish sauna. The difference in temperatures is obvious and the body reacts to hot water and hot air quite differently. In addition, creating steam is not possible in a barrel sauna. This, however, is one of the main features of a sauna for many – the puff of hot air that suddenly and even painfully hits the body is what we are used to. At the same time, a Finnish sauna cannot provide the same safe and relaxed heating a barrel hot tub can. We can benefit from both. To each their own, but they work the best together.

Lingalaid believes that barrel hot tubs are not here to take over the traditional Estonian sauna culture and this is also not our goal. Rather, we love to see the two very distant cultures unite to provide the best relaxation and healing treatments for both the body and soul. Be it in the countryside or in the city, summer or winter, outdoors or indoors – a barrel sauna complements and adds diversity to the traditional Finnish sauna and gives sauna users a choice between two different experiences.

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Customer reviews

Google reviews 4.8 ★★★★★
  • Örjan M. ★★★★★

    We are very satisfied with the purchase of the Lingalaid hot tub. The hot tub is decent, of high quality and can accommodate eight people. We chose a large oven made of acid-proof stainless steel because we use seawater, and it is extremely convenient to heat. We were given extensive information and instructions throughout the purchase process and the service was excellent. Fast delivery and excellent value for money. Lingalaid can really be recommended!

  • Andy K. ★★★★★

    It seems we made the right decision, and the selection is extensive. The expectation for a weekend sauna and then a cold barrel is great!
    I can't imagine anything more extraordinary. I guess in cool weather, one can enjoy a different pleasure. Installing the tub was simple beyond expectations. Very easy to maintain and wash. Thanks to the masters and the product developer, who came specially to tune the water drain. The selection should also include a larger drain tap to get the water out of the tub faster.
    I recommend to everyone, despite a bit higher price, you will get a perfect tub!
    Andres and Helily, from Jõulumäe in Pärnu County.

  • Härmo H. ★★★★★

    A company with a wealth of business knowledge and experience that values keeping promises!
    The quality-price ratio is just right!

    Henry T. ★★★★★

    Lingalaid boats are made of a different "wood" than the other boats, i.e., they are made of plastic. There is a very awesome development work and attitude towards work in this company! I wish you strength, courage, and more cooperation in the future :-)

  • Jane P. ★★★★★

    Excellent pre- and postsales service. The most intelligent and exclusive product on the market.

    Kristi L. ★★★★★

    So nice bath. We put it on the terrace so that when the stove heats up, we can enjoy a live fire in the room. Bubbles and light, mega. And so easy to clean too.

  • Lisa W. ★★★★★

    We are incredibly happy with our entire experience with Lingalaid. Super professional support and communication with the Swedish representative Marlen. We received quick answers to all our questions, which made us feel safe in our choice. When then the delivery came just a few days after ordering, we were pleasantly surprised by which fantastic barrel we chose! High quality and so stylish!


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