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The health-boosting hot tub - the perfect way to spend your retirement days at home. Read more!

Retired people in the barnyard

The hot summer weather is over for this year and the autumn-winter seasonis about to begin. In order to keep your body warm, Lingalaid offers durable and high quality hot tubs. The 'palju' is particularly useful for older people who may have more problems with, for example, joint problems, as it has many therapeutic properties!

Bathing in a hot tub relaxes muscles, stimulates blood circulation and provides warmth to the body, especially during cold periods. It's a great alternative to a regular sauna! In addition, the pore and massage system massages the muscles comfortably.

Particular emphasis is placed on the positive effects of the hot tub on the nervous system and circulation. In a warm bath, respiration and heart rate increase and blood pressure and muscle tension decrease. The temperature differences stimulate the autonomic nervous system and strengthen the blood vessels and the body's defences. It also helps to remove waste products from the body and cleanses the skin, making it smoother. The warm water soothes and refreshes the body, and to some extent relieves pain. Warm baths also help with sleep and metabolic problems.

Lingalaid's hot tub is the best way to spend your retirement days, as you can create your own home spa and cosy oasis. In any case, a home spa is better than a shared spa because you don't have to worry about pandemics at home.

Grandparents' Day is also coming up. Why not surprise an elderly loved one with a health hot tub? Lingalaid offers both electric and wood-fired hot tubs to suit your needs and possibilities.

Tunnel retirees2Effective medicine for colds

A body accustomed to temperature changes is better able to resist colds. That's why it's a good idea to have a hot tub on the terrace or in the garden. A patio heater is also a possible solution, as it can be installed directly inside the terrace!

A study in Germany found that people with colds who took saunas or hot water recovered much faster. In the hot tub, the body starts to produce white blood cells that help fight disease and destroy viruses. Buy a hot tub for better health!

In case of illness, it is a good idea to place a eucalyptus scent on the edge of the tub, as eucalyptus not only smells good but also treats respiratory diseases. Bathing in the fresh outdoor air is also a pleasant experience. What could be better than spending time outdoors in the cold weather, soaking in hot water, without getting cold?

You should be careful with water if you have severe inflammation, sores or fever. People with heart problems and pregnant women should also be careful.

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