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Enjoy ancient bathing delights! Japanese-style FURO high-end patio baths heal both body and soul.

Healthy body, healthy mind! It was this well-known phrase that inspired the masters of Lingalaiu to create something truly good and luxurious, taking inspiration from the Japanese. In order to bring warm and pleasurable enjoyment into people's homes, the Japanese created the FURO, a four-sided, compact and hot-heated bathtub. Lingalaiu's top-of-the-range patio bathtubs are also named FURO in its honour. The relaxing hot tub is available to all!

The FURO patio bathtub is an authentic home spa with an ancient Japanese design and luxurious look that will impress on the patio, in the back garden or in the hallway of the sauna. It's like a priceless jewel you can't take your eyes off!

DJI 0074 | 2024The company's ambition has always been to offer a good and luxurious feeling to as many people as possible at the same time. FURO by its very nature, it is sustainable, enjoyable, healthy and can be enjoyed by several people at the same time. This patio bathtub is just the right size to accommodate the whole family, plus you can share it with your close friends.

Lingalaiu patio bathtubs have been designed using uncompromisingly high quality glass plastic with a special coating on the inside. To ensure that the hot tub lives up to its name, the masters are entrusted with professional and powerful furnaces.

FURO is the most economical everyday way to travel with family and friends to Japan to enjoy the ancient bathing delights. FURO is not just a terrace bath, but an ancient ritual that heals body and soul, bringing people together in the most luxurious way to enjoy it all together. The patio bath offers a good feeling all year round - in the warm summer and the crisp winter.

Relaxing in a patio bath reduces stress levels, is good for the heart and relieves back pain. For top model Agne Vaher, the terrace bath is a regular part of her life - sometimes she enjoys three hours of soaking at a time. "After a long day at work, a terrace bath makes you feel good and gives you a better quality of sleep!" Agne praises and adds: "Relaxing after a workout is also great for the muscles, and a plus is that you can continue to consume calories in a small way."