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A barrel sauna will complete your garden design

Spring is here and the warmer weather encourages people to spend more time in the garden. Every spring is like a blank sheet of paper for gardeners, providing them with opportunities to create a memorable and pleasing space.

At times, designing a garden may seem difficult, because creating a complete look in the garden is not easy. How can you create the most beautiful and brightest garden that would also be unique and a pleasant place to recharge?

Keep in mind that your garden should match your house and be a dignified extension of it – no matter how fancy your interior is, the exterior of your house and garden will create the first impression.

We often think of the garden as just the area around the house where there is nothing to do on a cloudy day. However, your garden is more than just the plants, trees and lawn, which is why it is important to add elements that are necessary and also bring you joy.

Barrel hot tub – the perfect garden design elementDSC 0009 | 2024

An exciting garden design element could be a barrel hot tub, outdoor pool or terrace bath that would create a focal point in your garden design.

Designing a garden starts with determining focal points that will be the centre of attention. How about making a barrel sauna one of the focal points?

Highlighting a pool or barrel sauna would give you many new opportunities in designing your garden. An outdoor pool or barrel hot tub can create an oasis in your home that is surrounded by trees and shrubs with walkways and a recreational area in the middle. In addition, you can use your garden in the winter with the Lingalaid hot tubs and barrel saunas.

The Lingalaid heated barrel saunas bring life to the cold and dark Estonian winters. You only need one element to make the most of your garden in the winter.

If you are used to a more traditional garden, adding a large artificial body of water to your garden may seem quite daunting and requires you to completely redesign your garden. Actually, it is not that bad.

Lingalaid offers complete solutions that precisely match the customer's needs and wants. The customer is free to choose everything from the heater, the colour of the tub's interior and finishing to light and massage solutions. In other words, it is a tailor-made solution that is completed together with the customer.

DJI 0651 | 2024The design of Lingalaid's products also allows you to transport barrel hot tubs, pools or barrel saunas, if necessary, so that you could redesign your garden or bring your spa with you if you move.

The Lingalaid barrel hot tubs and terrace baths give us the opportunity to be different and brave and to take advantage of all that our garden has to offer. Your garden will receive attention on dusky summer nights, as well as on snowy winter days, bringing together friends and family so that you could enjoy relaxation and healing treatments at home, celebrate important events and find joy in each other's company. It also gives you a new chance to see that your home and garden are the best places to enjoy yourself. 

Hot tub - an ancient healer

DJI 0712 | 2024The first reports of the Japanese bath or furo date back to the 13th century, when the Japanese were inspired by hot springs and the ancient tradition of relaxing in them. Now, barrel hot tubs are taking over the whole world.

A furo is based on hot water instead of hot air, making it special. It is safer for people with joint and muscle problems. The Japanese bath is also a great alternative to natural hot springs, which unfortunately cannot be enjoyed by everyone.

However, since the beginning of time, it has been a tradition in Japan to relax in hot springs and improve one's health. A business model emerged in Japan from this tradition centuries ago - holiday homes were built around hot springs, where people could enjoy hot water and receive the health benefits.

The more exclusive holiday homes were even built above the springs to offer greater comfort and privacy to the more affluent. This tradition is still honoured among the Japanese and many families holiday near hot springs. It is also almost impossible to travel to Japan without enjoying the pleasures of hot springs.

Furo - the life of the party

However, people love convenience and also want to relax at home. The Japanese were not troubled by the distance from hot springs and invented the furo - a heated bath.

The Japanese bath is the life of the party that provides refreshment to both the mind and the body. Traditionally, the water in a Japanese bath is 40-42 degrees and you can relax in the hot water for up to 20 minutes. The heat from the water lingers in your body for a while and you feel pleasantly tired.

In addition to relaxation, taking a Japanese bath has a good effect on your body's blood supply, it speeds up the metabolism and removes toxins, making your skin more beautiful. While in a traditional Finnish sauna, toxins are removed from the body by - sometimes breathtaking - steam, the Japanese bath achieves this with relaxing hot water which is much safer for the joints and muscles.

By the way, it is possible that the longevity of the Japanese people lies in the culture of hot springs, as, according to current forecasts, half of the Japanese citizens born in 2007 will live to be 107 years old.

Barrel saunas - handmade and tailor-made solutionsDSC 9834 | 2024

Lingalaid barrel hot tubs are Japanese baths hand-made in Estonia and you can choose their size, heater and style. We offer barrel hot tubs for a couple of people, as well as for larger groups - the choice is yours!

Based on the model, Lingalaid barrel hot tubs hold 1,100-2,000 litres of water which is heated either by wood or electricity.

You can enjoy your barrel sauna year round - on summer nights and crisp winter days. A barrel hot tub relaxes your muscles, promotes blood circulation and relieves stress, and if you add pleasant company, it is harder to find a nicer way to spend your leisure time than in a barrel sauna.

Barrel saunas are not intended for washing - they are for healing, relaxing and enjoying good company. It is customary to properly wash yourself before relaxing in a Japanese bath. This shows respect towards both yourself and others enjoying the bath and allows you to add various salts and minerals to the water to further invigorate the body and mind.


Sauna or barrel hot tub - perhaps friends, not rivals?

symbol plums background | 2024Barrel saunas have won the hearts of many Estonians and they have made their way into our sauna culture. The ease and convenience of using a barrel hot tub have made it a good alternative to a hot Finnish sauna.

In fact, they are not mutually exclusive, and a traditional sauna and barrel hot tub can complement each other very well and offer even more pleasure and healing properties. A barrel sauna is based on hot water instead of hot air, making it special. It is safer for people with joint and muscle problems.

A barrel sauna can also be used to cool down, as the users can adjust the temperature. The 40-42-degree water of a barrel hot tub feels refreshing after a hot sauna session and quickly moisturises skin that has been exposed to hot air.

As not everyone can sit on a hot sauna stage and enjoy the steam due to their health issues, a barrel hot tub is a great alternative, because it has fewer health risks than a traditional sauna.

What could be better than a barrel hot tub installed in the sauna room? Thanks to the design, heaters and construction of the Lingalaid barrel hot tubs, the barrel saunas can also be safely installed indoors. People do not have to be separated from each other and can spend time privately inside.

In addition, it allows the possibility to combine two ancient traditions - the Japanese bath and the Finnish sauna - into one relaxing experience without leaving the sauna. In fact, a barrel hot tub can also replace a pond or another natural body of water if you want some refreshment after sitting in the sauna. The temperature of the barrel hot tub can be adjusted according to your comfort level.

179A1224 | 2024Naturally, a barrel hot tub cannot offer the body the same temperature and burst of hot air as a traditional Finnish sauna. The difference in temperatures is obvious and the body reacts to hot water and hot air quite differently. In addition, creating steam is not possible in a barrel sauna. This, however, is one of the main features of a sauna for many - the puff of hot air that suddenly and even painfully hits the body is what we are used to. At the same time, a Finnish sauna cannot provide the same safe and relaxed heating a barrel hot tub can. We can benefit from both. To each their own, but they work the best together.

Lingalaid believes that barrel hot tubs are not here to take over the traditional Estonian sauna culture and this is also not our goal. Rather, we love to see the two very distant cultures unite to provide the best relaxation and healing treatments for both the body and soul. Be it in the countryside or in the city, summer or winter, outdoors or indoors - a barrel sauna complements and adds diversity to the traditional Finnish sauna and gives sauna users a choice between two different experiences.

Barrel hot tubs are the life of the party

Think of a dusky August night and outdoor candles. It is late summer and twilight sets in earlier and earlier. Complete this perfect atmosphere with a barrel hot tub with hot and relaxing water. Meet up with your best and closest girlfriends and enjoy a home spa with an Estonian peat mask and our grandmothers' secrets for healthy hair and skin. Good food, endless memories of the times spent together and the sound of crickets chirping - what could be better?

T8A0357 | 2024

However, a barrel hot tub, also known as a barrel sauna, is not only perfect for women and their beauty rituals. Other family members can also enjoy get-togethers in a barrel hot tub. Make sure you do not forget that you have a barrel hot tub in your garden if you are planning to celebrate your child's birthday. A barrel hot tub makes any birthday much more memorable. A Hawaiian, pirate or mermaid themed party can be elevated with the opportunity to actually jump into the water and play with the foam and bubbles. Families can get creative and bring out rubber ducks or even different costumes in addition to waterproof LED lights, and the little ones can start their voyage.

Men also want to enjoy quality time. A barrel hot tub can be the place for some lovely and healthy relaxation. For a guys' night, heat up the barrel sauna and make sure there is room for the whole group. A barrel hot tub can also be used to cool down, as the users can adjust the temperature. The 40-42-degree water of the barrel sauna will feel like heaven after a hot Finnish sauna and it will moisturise your skin. A barrel sauna can also be used as a cold dip after a hot sauna or to improve your health.

DSC 5665 | 2024We at Lingalaid believe that a barrel hot tub brings joy to everyone all year round and it soon becomes the life of the party, whether you are spending time with your friends or family. A barrel sauna brings friends and families together and provides a refreshing and relaxing activity for everyone, both young and old. A barrel hot tub is great for spending some quality time and teaching your children the importance of water treatment. There is nothing better and more memorable than playing with rubber ducks and practising swimming if you are doing it with your loved ones and it feels like you have all the time in the world. A barrel sauna provides you with this sense of peace, joy, pleasure and closeness.

The hot tub, traditionally from Japan, has grown ever-more popular among Estonians and has become a real favourite of sauna lovers.