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Hot tub – an ancient healer

DJI 0712 | 2023The first reports of the Japanese bath or furo date back to the 13th century, when the Japanese were inspired by hot springs and the ancient tradition of relaxing in them. Now, barrel hot tubs are taking over the whole world.

A furo is based on hot water instead of hot air, making it special. It is safer for people with joint and muscle problems. The Japanese bath is also a great alternative to natural hot springs, which unfortunately cannot be enjoyed by everyone.

However, since the beginning of time, it has been a tradition in Japan to relax in hot springs and improve one’s health. A business model emerged in Japan from this tradition centuries ago – holiday homes were built around hot springs, where people could enjoy hot water and receive the health benefits.

The more exclusive holiday homes were even built above the springs to offer greater comfort and privacy to the more affluent. This tradition is still honoured among the Japanese and many families vacation near hot springs. It is also almost impossible to travel to Japan without enjoying the pleasures of hot springs.

Furo – the life of the party

However, people love convenience and also want to relax at home. The Japanese were not troubled by the distance from hot springs and invented the furo – a heated bath.

The Japanese bath is the life of the party that provides refreshment to both the mind and the body. Traditionally, the water in a Japanese bath is 40–42 degrees and you can relax in the hot water for up to 20 minutes. The heat from the water lingers in your body for a while and you feel pleasantly tired.

In addition to relaxation, taking a Japanese bath has a good effect on your body’s blood supply, it speeds up the metabolism and removes toxins, making your skin more beautiful. While in a traditional Finnish sauna, toxins are removed from the body by – sometimes breathtaking – steam, the Japanese bath achieves this with relaxing hot water which is much safer for the joints and muscles.

By the way, it is possible that the longevity of the Japanese people lies in the culture of hot springs, as, according to current forecasts, half of the Japanese citizens born in 2007 will live to be 107 years old.

Barrel saunas – handmade and tailor-made solutionsDSC 9834 | 2023

Lingalaid barrel hot tubs are Japanese baths hand-made in Estonia and you can choose their size, heater and style. We offer barrel hot tubs for a couple of people, as well as for larger groups – the choice is yours!

Based on the model, Lingalaid barrel hot tubs hold 1,100–2,000 litres of water which is heated either by wood or electricity.

You can enjoy your barrel sauna year round – on summer nights and crisp winter days. A barrel hot tub relaxes your muscles, promotes blood circulation and relieves stress, and if you add pleasant company, it is harder to find a nicer way to spend your leisure time than in a barrel sauna.

Barrel saunas are not intended for washing – they are for healing, relaxing and enjoying good company. It is customary to properly wash yourself before relaxing in a Japanese bath. This shows respect towards both yourself and others enjoying the bath and allows you to add various salts and minerals to the water to further invigorate the body and mind.


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Customer reviews

Google reviews 4.8 ★★★★★
  • Örjan M. ★★★★★

    We are very satisfied with the purchase of the Lingalaid hot tub. The hot tub is decent, of high quality and can accommodate eight people. We chose a large oven made of acid-proof stainless steel because we use seawater, and it is extremely convenient to heat. We were given extensive information and instructions throughout the purchase process and the service was excellent. Fast delivery and excellent value for money. Lingalaid can really be recommended!

  • Andy K. ★★★★★

    It seems we made the right decision, and the selection is extensive. The expectation for a weekend sauna and then a cold barrel is great!
    I can't imagine anything more extraordinary. I guess in cool weather, one can enjoy a different pleasure. Installing the tub was simple beyond expectations. Very easy to maintain and wash. Thanks to the masters and the product developer, who came specially to tune the water drain. The selection should also include a larger drain tap to get the water out of the tub faster.
    I recommend to everyone, despite a bit higher price, you will get a perfect tub!
    Andres and Helily, from Jõulumäe in Pärnu County.

  • Härmo H. ★★★★★

    A company with a wealth of business knowledge and experience that values keeping promises!
    The quality-price ratio is just right!

    Henry T. ★★★★★

    Lingalaid boats are made of a different "wood" than the other boats, i.e., they are made of plastic. There is a very awesome development work and attitude towards work in this company! I wish you strength, courage, and more cooperation in the future :-)

  • Jane P. ★★★★★

    Excellent pre- and postsales service. The most intelligent and exclusive product on the market.

    Kristi L. ★★★★★

    So nice bath. We put it on the terrace so that when the stove heats up, we can enjoy a live fire in the room. Bubbles and light, mega. And so easy to clean too.

  • Lisa W. ★★★★★

    We are incredibly happy with our entire experience with Lingalaid. Super professional support and communication with the Swedish representative Marlen. We received quick answers to all our questions, which made us feel safe in our choice. When then the delivery came just a few days after ordering, we were pleasantly surprised by which fantastic barrel we chose! High quality and so stylish!


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