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Interior architects: want an elegant hot tub with long life? Pay attention to these nuances!

179A0407 rotated e1647887822950 | 2023More and more hot tubs can be seen in the courtyards of private houses and terraced houses. If, on the one hand, people are attracted to the opportunity to enjoy a mini-spa right in their backyard, but on the other hand, it is also a special element that decorates the garden. But how do you choose the hot tub that fits your yard perfectly? Interior architects Heinike Luht and Kristiina Puusepp give advice.

The hot tub brings a lot of bright experiences to everyday life all year round and pampers both your body and mind. It helps to relax, feel better emotionally and physically, and brings better sleep, which in turn leads to a whole new level of productivity in your daily routine.

As the hot tub is a very striking element in the home yard, it is important for enchanting harmony and elegance to be present in the yard. The first question, of course, when choosing a hot tub is how big it could be. “Here you should start with how much space there is in the yard and in how big of a company you want to enjoy the hot tub. Of course, it is sometimes nice to relax alone in a large tub,” comments interior designer Heinike. However, the hot tub could be big enough to enable spending a nice evening with friends or family.

What kind of heating should the hot tub have?

The second and not insignificant detail is to choose a heating method that suits your lifestyle. “If you plan to start using the hot tub only on weekends, the easiest solution is a wood-burning stove. However, if you want to enjoy the pleasures of water more often than once a week, all year round, then the best choice is electric heating,” Heinike points out. In this case, it is definitely wise to include a filter system in the equipment, which helps to keep the water clean and usable at all times.

IMG 5548 | 2023In order for heating the water and keeping it warm to be as energy-saving as possible, you should choose a hot tub, the inside of which is covered with special insulation foam. “Thermal coating is also an indispensable helper to minimize the time and energy required to heat water. In addition to ensuring energy efficiency, it helps keep out of tub everything that doesn’t belong there, such as leaves, pollen, rain, and snow. The cover is also important in ensuring safety, especially if there are small children in the family,” adds Heinike.

Of course, safety is not insignificant in other respects either. With a stove-heated hot tub, safety is ensured by the chimney heat shield and the spark arrester, and as far as all electrical equipment is concerned, you should definitely ensure that this is a truly high-quality technique.

Underwater lighting solutions create a pleasant atmosphere

Once the size and heating method have been chosen, in order for the hot tub to become a real home spa, the next step is to focus on functionality. “Good massage systems, for example, can help you get rid of muscle tension and various pains very easily. Air massage, in other words, the bubble system, also stimulates the nervous system strengthens the blood vessels and the body’s overall resistance. Underwater lighting solutions, in turn, contribute to creating exactly the right atmosphere and mood,” says Kristiina.

There are hot tubs in the market in a very different price range, but Kristiina emphasizes that one should not only look at the cost and fast delivery time alone. If you choose the right hot tub, it can serve you for 20 years! This is what Lingalaid hot tubs that have recently gained a lot of popularity are like.

When it comes to quality, in addition to technology, you should pay attention to the main parts of the hot tub, such as wood used for exterior cladding and interior finishing materials. Not all fiberglass coating materials are designed to withstand large changes in temperature or, for example, water disinfection agents. The lifespan of wooden parts is also determined by the way they are treated. Knowing this, you should investigate whether and how the manufacturer has thought about ensuring the longevity of the hot tub,” adds Kristiina. In the case of Lingalaid hot tubs, for example, only environmentally friendly and especially long-lasting heat-treated wood has been used for the lining and fiberglass with the highest quality and special coating on the inside.

If you are also looking for a high-quality, elegant, and long-lasting terrace bath or hot tub with the approval of interior architects, check out the Lingalaid product range here

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Customer reviews

Google reviews 4.8 ★★★★★
  • Örjan M. ★★★★★

    We are very satisfied with the purchase of the Lingalaid hot tub. The hot tub is decent, of high quality and can accommodate eight people. We chose a large oven made of acid-proof stainless steel because we use seawater, and it is extremely convenient to heat. We were given extensive information and instructions throughout the purchase process and the service was excellent. Fast delivery and excellent value for money. Lingalaid can really be recommended!

  • Andy K. ★★★★★

    It seems we made the right decision, and the selection is extensive. The expectation for a weekend sauna and then a cold barrel is great!
    I can't imagine anything more extraordinary. I guess in cool weather, one can enjoy a different pleasure. Installing the tub was simple beyond expectations. Very easy to maintain and wash. Thanks to the masters and the product developer, who came specially to tune the water drain. The selection should also include a larger drain tap to get the water out of the tub faster.
    I recommend to everyone, despite a bit higher price, you will get a perfect tub!
    Andres and Helily, from Jõulumäe in Pärnu County.

  • Härmo H. ★★★★★

    A company with a wealth of business knowledge and experience that values keeping promises!
    The quality-price ratio is just right!

    Henry T. ★★★★★

    Lingalaid boats are made of a different "wood" than the other boats, i.e., they are made of plastic. There is a very awesome development work and attitude towards work in this company! I wish you strength, courage, and more cooperation in the future :-)

  • Jane P. ★★★★★

    Excellent pre- and postsales service. The most intelligent and exclusive product on the market.

    Kristi L. ★★★★★

    So nice bath. We put it on the terrace so that when the stove heats up, we can enjoy a live fire in the room. Bubbles and light, mega. And so easy to clean too.

  • Lisa W. ★★★★★

    We are incredibly happy with our entire experience with Lingalaid. Super professional support and communication with the Swedish representative Marlen. We received quick answers to all our questions, which made us feel safe in our choice. When then the delivery came just a few days after ordering, we were pleasantly surprised by which fantastic barrel we chose! High quality and so stylish!


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